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Mentor Committee

Mentor Committee

Mentors are the heart of ACE GNY and we strive to support you as best we can. The Mentor Committee is an important part of that effort; the goal of the committee is to help liaise between our expansive mentor base and the ACE GNY staff and Board of Directors, as well as promote the professional growth of our mentors. The Mentor Committee will be developing professional networking events and opportunities for mentors to meet and discuss best practices and successful tips for a great ACE GNY season.

Any ACE GNY mentor is welcome to join the Mentor Committee, which is led by the Mentor Committee Leadership Council consisting of 6 officer positions, 6 members at large, and the Chair. The committee meets once a month during the program year on Thursday evenings, with meetings alternating between closed sessions (Leadership Council only) and open sessions (all mentors can attend).


Meet the 23-24 Mentor Committee Leadership Council!

*The Mentor Liaison Chair is responsible for creating and maintaining avenues for cross-team communications to help share ideas, assist mentors/team leaders, and spread best practices between mentors. Do you have a fun activity that you want to share with other teams? Would you like to chat with another team to compare student engagement techniques? Mentors can reach out to Jeff at!

For any inquiries regarding the Mentor Committee, please reach out to Tatiana at

What to get involved in the Mentor Committee?

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