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ACE Greater NY mentors are vital to accomplishing the program’s mission. With their diverse experiences and backgrounds, mentors have an enormous impact in shaping both students’ personal and career development. Mentors bring more to the program than just information about the concepts: they bring career guidance, industry knowledge, and the skills needed to succeed in the design and build industry.

ACE Greater NY teams are comprised of 15-30 high school students, ranging in grade level and background familiarity of the field. Teams are led by 7-10 mentors from different firms and industries. Each team must have representation of Architects, Civil/Structural Engineers, Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineers, and Construction Managers. Teams are led by a Team Leader, who develops a lesson plan for the season and works with mentors to create a supportive learning environment for students. ACE Teams meet from late-October through May, meeting twice a month for a total of 15 sessions. ACE Greater NY operates alongside the New York City Department of Education school calendar.

Requirements of Becoming a Mentor
  • Currently be working in the A-E-C industry (possible examples: architects, engineers (structural, civil, electrical, and/or mechanical), construction managers)
  • Complete a criminal background check
  • Support mentor team in implementing lesson plans to explain industry topics to high school students
  • Engage students in hands-on activities as part of the mentor team
  • Work collaboratively with other mentors to demonstrate how the different industry disciplines interact on a project
  • Advise students about decision making, college major choices, and career development
  • Time commitment for entire season – ACE Teams meet twice a month for a total of 15 sessions. Team meetings take place after school from 4:00-6:00pm or 4:30-6:30pm.
  • Provide knowledge to students on what to expect in college and career
  • Be willing to write letters of recommendations for college and/or scholarship applications

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The Mentor Experience

I mentor for ACE because it provides me with the opportunity to give back and pass forward what I was given by the amazing teachers and mentors I’ve had along my academic and professional career. I am so grateful for the mentors I’ve had and programs I was a part of that. They encouraged me to pursue a career in this industry when I was a high school student in NYC; especially as a woman – It’s a great industry to be in today.

- Rosemary Bates, Director of Design and Construction, Rockefeller Group

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About ACE Greater NY

Founded in 1994 by a group of leading architects, contractors and engineers in New York City, the program has served over 65,000 students nationwide and over 10,000 students in New York alone. Today, more than 9,000 students and 3,600 mentors participate in ACE each year in 37 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

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