Susan Shimanovsky – Interning at Skanska USA Building

August 12, 2021

I never thought my first internship would be at one of the largest project development and construction groups in the world, let alone working on a $4 billion project. My summer as an Engineer Intern in Project Management with Skanska USA Building was one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences that taught me more about the industry and the relationship between architecture, construction, and engineering. On my first day, I wondered how they could let a freshman who knew next to nothing assist with the LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal B Redevelopment, but I came to see how even the smallest tasks I did daily helped us get Central Hall closer to completion and open to the public. Most of all, the relationships I built with my team and others I have met while working here will last for years to come, and they have helped me understand my place in this industry better than before.

While some may not like the idea of working in a trailer in the middle of a construction site, I loved being in the field as I was able to walk around the site throughout my day. I spent the summer running up and down makeshift stairs, navigating around delivered materials (my personal parkour experience), and learning from subcontractors and project engineers about the little things that make a project work. Talking to the craftspeople and engineers allowed me to soak in all the information I could, from the general things, like how design-build ventures worked, to the little things, like how carpenters frame walls. I saw how the design on paper becomes something tangible in as little as one day. Most of all, I appreciated how my team members were extremely patient with the likes of me, especially the Senior Project Engineers on my team, Susan Bazik and Patrick Rice (both former ACE GNY Alumni!). Susan and Patrick would go out of their way to include me in any emails, meetings, and walkthroughs that would give me something new to learn about, and they would answer any questions I had when I sought their knowledge.

Although my internship was predominately focused on the construction side of the project, I got to see the coordination between the architects, engineers, and contractors and see how we have to find a rapport between the disciplines to get a project done. The number of moving parts associated with this project meant that everyone had a unique input and something new that they could teach you, and that even a small change can become a debate among some of the most intelligent and most creative professionals. From just nine weeks interning, I learned more about the industry and myself, and I am excited that I am in for a lifetime of learning from the people around me. I am extremely grateful to all the wonderful people at the ACE Mentor Program of Greater NY that helped me get here and for all my mentors on the Central Hall team who took me under their wing!


Susan Shimanovsky was an Engineer Intern with Skanska USA Building during the summer of 2021. Susan is an sophomore at Stony Brook University pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering. Susan is an ACE GNY Alumni. 



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