Jeffrey Messinger of STV, Inc. Named ENR Outstanding Mentor of the Year


April 9, 2020

Congratulations to Jeffrey Messinger for being selected as the 2020 ENR Outstanding Mentor of the Year! This is a national honor and we are thrilled that Jeff’s dedication and commitment is recognized. Jeff has been mentoring for over 17 years with ACE GNY. Throughout his years as a Team Leader of ACE GNY Team 11, Jeff has personally impacted between 400-500 students, organizing college visits, to assisting with scholarships and beyond.

In addition to the relationships with students, Jeffrey has built strong relationships with the mentors on Team 11. Dejana Harris, Civil Engineering Specialist at STV, 2nd year Mentor for Team 11, first year Co-Team Leader for Team 11, is a former mentee of Jeffrey’s. Her involvement in the industry started with her participation in ACE GNY as a student, and she has come full circle, joining the industry as an ACE GNY Mentor herself.  With his support and guidance, Dejana is helping to lead the program, filling in and working together with Jeffrey to plan and execute Team 11’s sessions. In fact, in addition to Dejana, Jeffrey has another former mentee who is now a professional at STV and a mentor on Team 11 – Elizabeth Lisk is a Team 11 alumni, now a Team 11 mentor and a Structural Engineering Specialist at STV.

In addition to his duties as Team Leader, Jeffrey also participates on the ACE GNY Mentor Committee. As part of his involvement in the Mentor Committee, Jeffrey helps to share important educational opportunities and events with mentors beyond his team. With his support, we have been able to get new mentors involved in various opportunities, such as webinars focused on student engagement and teaching techniques, Mentor Professional Development events, networking events and more. This year he also led a training for our 50 + Team Leaders on assisting seniors and applying for the ACE GNY scholarship as well as other scholarships.

Jeffrey’s long-time dedication to ACE GNY inspires mentors to be active participants. Mentors on Team 11 say that “Jeffrey has made ACE GNY a fun, rewarding, and informative experience for me.” He is very involved in leading the planning meetings and and team meetingsJeffrey always listens to and embraces everyone’s ideas and suggestions. 

Jeff was also ACE GNY’s Mentor of the Year in 2019. We are so proud of his dedication and commitment! Over the next week on ACE GNY social media, we will be highlighting just how Jeff has influenced the lives of ACE GNY students. Stay tuned!

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