College Series – Raihana on NYU Tandon

Beginning in 2021, the ACE GNY Ambassador Program tasks ACE GNY Alumni  at popular architecture and engineering colleges with being a resource on campus for new students. Leading up to our College Fair on 10/19, Ambassadors have written up blog posts about their colleges for prospective students to read through before meeting colleges at the fair. 

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

I am currently a third-year Mechanical Engineering student at NYU Tandon. I chose Tandon due to its strive for overlapping engineering with entrepreneurship. I’m passionate about intertwining engineering, technology and business and Tandon offers an abundance of resources for that. From freshman year, you’re put into an Innovation class to learn the Lean Startup method. You also get access to working with Future Labs startups at 370 Jay Street when you attend here. Makerspace also offers several workshops where you can learn any engineering tool or software you need and gain more prototyping experience. For me, these two key qualities align NYU Tandon with my career goals. Although we are often referred to as the study abroad at NYU (only 20 minutes away from Washington Square campus) Tandon has its perks as it has its own community. With four buildings, it still feels like an enclosed campus with the nearby Brooklyn attractions.  

On campus, there’s a lot of diverse clubs you can join in Tandon itself but you can also join any clubs from Washington Square. I am currently the co-president of the Bengali Students Association and members are from both campuses! I also took part in FYER, which is a first-year program that lets students explore and learn more about startups.  

When it comes to the college search, I think it’s important to create a list of three major factors that you want in a school and whether or not those schools have resources for those wants. For me, I wanted a place that let me do more than engineering and NYU Tandon offered resources for learning more about startups and still do engineering.  


Raihana is a third year student at NYU Tandon studying Mechanical Engineering. This summer, Raihana interned at Syska Hennessy Group. Raihana is an ACE GNY Alumni. 

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