College Series – Muhammad on College of Staten Island

Beginning in 2021, the ACE GNY Ambassador Program tasks ACE GNY Alumni  at popular architecture and engineering colleges with being a resource on campus for new students. Leading up to our College Fair on 10/19, Ambassadors have written up blog posts about their colleges for prospective students to read through before meeting colleges at the fair. College of Staten Island will not be present at the far, but students are encouraged to look into this option on the next step of their engineering journey!

CUNY – College of Staten Island

My name is Muhammad Zafar and I am studying Electrical Engineering at the College of Staten Island (CSI). ​

One of the reasons that I went to CSI is because of the size of their campus, 204-acre the biggest campus in NYC. It is important to study hard and get good grades, however it is equally important to take a breaks and relax. The campus is so big that just walking form one building to another relieves some stress of sitting indoors for hours upon hours. 

CSI offers a verity of extracurricular activities, campus events, and sports teams, this gives students a lot of opportunities to connect with people from other professions.

I like that CSI has programs which help students connect with other students and expand their network. The campus event which is held once every semester where students can come to eat food, play games, join clubs and other extracurricular activities helps students to get out of their comfort zone and explore. 

CSI also has an on Campus Observatory which is open to anyone who wants to come and enjoy watching the stars. 


Muhammad is a senior at College of Staten Island studying Electrical Engineering. This summer, Muhammad interned at Jaros, Baum, and Bolles. Muhammad is an ACE GNY Alumni.

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