College Series – Janine on Manhattan College

Beginning in 2021, the ACE GNY Ambassador Program tasks ACE GNY Alumni  at popular architecture and engineering colleges with being a resource on campus for new students. Leading up to our College Fair on 10/19, Ambassadors have written up blog posts about their colleges for prospective students to read through before meeting colleges at the fair. 

Manhattan College

Manhattan College is a small school located in Riverdale, NY. It contains five schools for undergraduate degrees: the School of Arts, Business, Engineering, Science, and Education and Health.

Not too long ago when I was looking at colleges three things at Manhattan College stood out to me. First, was their engineering program. I knew I wanted to do civil engineering and Manhattan has a great program with good alumni and staff connections. All of my professors are extremely helpful and willing to help find you opportunities in your field. They are also an ABET-accredited school which will make it easier for me to get my professional engineering license. Second was the location, I loved being able to go into the city on weekends but also liked having an actual campus where I could meet with friends on the Quad. Lastly, the community and availability of clubs on campus helped me make a decision. As a student here I’m very involved, I am part of the women’s rowing team, I have a tutoring job, and am part of a few clubs such as the art club and the climbing club.


Janine is a junior at Manhattan College studying Civil Engineering. Janine is an ACE GNY Alumni. 

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