Mentors Responding to COVID-19: Roxana Kariyannis, AECOM

Roxana Escobar Kariyannis is a veteran ACE GNY mentor and Team Leader. An Architecture Practice Resource Manager / Project Manager at AECOM, Roxana has been part of the firm’s efforts to support healthcare facilities as they fight Coronavirus. For the past several weeks, Roxana has been working countless hours towards the build of an alternate health facility in Westbury NY (Long Island). Previously a Long Island College, it will now be a field hospital that will house 1,020 beds for various patients and help alleviate the burden on the hospital system.  

This project is not only a professional achievement, but also but also has personal significanceRoxana’s work directly impacts her students on Team 37. She noted, “Brentwood is one of the communities that has been hit the hardest in Long Island, which is where all students on Team 37 are from. This AECOM led project will help the Brentwood community and students directly.” She hopes current events can help her students think differently, to “transform the world we live in… many projects now, are turning into testing facilities and I want to teach them how they need to be able to adapt.” 

Roxana has been mentoring with ACE GNY for over 10 years and her dedication and response to both her work and her students makes us proud to have her as mentor.  Thank you, Roxana! 

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