College Series – Angel on Cornell University

Beginning in 2021, the ACE GNY Ambassador Program tasks ACE GNY Alumni  at popular architecture and engineering colleges with being a resource on campus for new students. Leading up to our College Fair on 10/19, Ambassadors have written up blog posts about their colleges for prospective students to read through before meeting colleges at the fair. Although Cornell will not be featured at the ACE GNY College Fair, we strong recommend students look into this option for  the next step in their architecture and engineering journey!

Cornell University

I chose Cornell due to a number of personal reasons including aid offer packages, academic curriculum, location and gut instincts. In comparison to other schools, financially Cornell was the better choice for my family and I. In addition, a challenging curriculum that offered interdisciplinary exploration and abroad experience was important for me as well.. The location was critical too because in high school I was really looking to venture beyond the city’s territory, so Ithaca felt enticing to me. Gut instincts; before deciding, I visited and talked amongst the lives of the students and I really enjoyed the experience. I had a positive gut experience so I decided to go Cornell.

Extracurriculars I’ve been a part of include NOMAS (National Org. Minority Architecture Students), AAPOC (Art.Architecture.Planners, People of Color Student Group), AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students), Design Connect,, Admissions Ambassador and a few others as well.

Angel Langumas
Cornell University
Bachelor for Architecture 2023



Angel Langumas is a fourth-year Architecture student at Cornell University. This summer, Angel interned at STV, Inc. Angel is an Alumni of ACE GNY.

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