Chandler McLaurin: Reflections on Architecture School

My name is Chandler McLaurin and I am an ACE GNY Alumni. I participated in ACE GNY from my freshman year to senior year of high school (2016-2020). These four years being mentored by Gensler have shaped me into the future architect I want to become. This program taught me so many important lessons about the architecture field like professionalism, teamwork, responsibility, determination and so much more.  What I loved most about this program is that my mentors taught me the value of hard work and dedication when it came to our design ideas and vocalizing our opinions about the project. My favorite memory was at the end of the year when we had to present our group projects that we created to benefit citizens around the world to other ACE GNY teams and other A-E-C companies showcasing our hard work. I want to reflect upon and share this unforgettable and remarkable decision I made four years ago to join ACE GNY.

The impact that my Gensler mentors made on me directly influenced my decision to pursue Architecture. I am currently a sophomore at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and Architecture where I am pursuing my career in architecture. Some advice I want to give to incoming freshman at any college is the importance of studying and working hard. I know it’s easier said and done but it can be achieved. I used to be the queen of procrastination until I went into college, and it taught me that time waits for no one. Each time an assignment was given, I would start right away because that helped me a lot to get further into the assignment just in case something else was given by another professor. Another piece of advice is to stay focus and motivated to complete anything that is put in front of you. I know college can be strenuous but always remember you were chosen to attend for a reason. It’s your time to strive and do well!

Some things I wish I knew more before entering college was how much more independence you have. Waking up on time for your own classes, making time to study, eating, living on campus, and giving yourself time to rest. College is not all work and no play; you must learn how to set aside time to get active and socialize. It’s a learning experience we all go through attending college. Most importantly, work hard and have fun –  you can do this!


Chandler McLaurin is a sophomore at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and Architecture. She is an ACE GNY Alumna. 




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