Congratulations to Ben Miller for being selected as a 2021 ENR Outstanding Mentor of the Year! This is a national honor and we are thrilled that Ben’s dedication and commitment is being recognized.  

Throughout his years as a Team Leader of ACE GNY Team 31, Ben has mentored over 200 students, impacting his mentees during their time with ACE GNY and beyond. Ben has always gone above his responsibilities as a mentor; he is incredibly hands-on with developing his team, doing outreach to recruit both mentors + students.  

A long-time mentor, Ben is the glue that holds Team 31 together. Ben’s peers recognize his dedication, compassion, and enthusiasm towards his students. With the transition to virtual sessions, Ben continued to find ways to engage students and make sure they were not lost or left out. He utilized office hours and small group settings to make sure students had support and felt confident in sessions. He has a way of making sure even the shyest students enjoy participating in ACE GNY and come out transformed and knowledgeable about the A-C-E industry. 

In addition to his duties as a Mentor and Team Leader, Ben has given much of his time to help countless students with their college applications, internships, and first job interviews. He continues to be an important inspiration, guide, and role model for students and alumni as they enter college and the workforce.  

Ben has also been a pivotal voice in helping the ACE GNY affiliate make significant changes to our scholarship application and application process. Based on conversations and feedback from students who Ben assisted with their college and scholarship applications, he suggested opening the scholarship application at the beginning of the ACE GNY season so that students would have more time to complete the application.  He worked closely to help revise the scholarship application, in an effort to make sure the scholarship recipient demographics would match more closely with our student participant demographics. His keen insight, and willingness to help with our scholarship so actively, means that ACE GNY students will benefit for years to come.  

Ben was also ACE GNY’s Mentor of the Year in 2020. He is a standout team leader and mentor that inspires everyone who has worked alongside him. His commitment to students is what the ACE Mentor program is all about, and we are so proud to that he is being recognized with this award.  

Congratulations Ben! 

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