Alumni Blog: Angel Langumas, Team 25

My name is Angel Langumas. I am a graduate of the High School of Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture in 2018. I was a member of ACE Mentor Program during my Junior and Senior years of high school. The program has been beneficial for me because it connected to me with incredible mentors, peers and professional development opportunities that have helped me apply to top architecture schools in the country.

In ACE, I worked on a design project that was heavily grounded with research and dialogue. I learned how to research sites through data mapping and how to design based off of building code. We went to the

site of the project we were focusing on and learned how to analyze the site and visualize the conversations we were having in the office. We also touched upon the idea of critiques, pin-ups and reviews: the bread and butter of work assessments in the architectural education. This was useful because it taught us to clearly articulate our findings and design concepts.

At SOM, I grew to communicate better as a public speaker, writer, and designer. With weekly meeting and fun take-home assignments as a team, we’ve become accountable, reliable, resourceful and overall responsible.  Even when it was snowing hard outside, we asked our mentors if we could come in to continue working on our competition entry. Our team developed a commendable work ethic that I haven’t seen before.

In addition to working on our weekly design project, SOM arranged special days where they would bring in their Human Resources person to review our resumes and portfolios with our work. The mentors at SOM were also readily available through e-mail and encouraged us to contact them if we needed any help at any time. They even offered to write us recommendation letters for college or scholarships if any. We also practiced mock interviews with them to apply the soft skills we were learning in the design projects. The Fall of senior year was extremely difficult, but meeting with team 25 made it more bearable.

 My advice to any high school student considering to do this: go for it! Tell all your friends to join with you and learn something new every week with incredible mentors. These firms are actively looking to help students gain access to the field and what better place to grow as a professional than in New York City. Opportunities and funds are readily available for students – all it takes it initiative and willingness.

Pictured: Team 25 Reunion Photo 2019

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